At Little Green Acres we produce microgreens that are soil grown from non GMO certified organic seeds, in Georgetown Ontario. We never use any pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers in our growing process.

We believe in environmentally sustainable farming practices and look at peoples health as our main priority.

Microgreens are vegetables or herbs that are typically harvested right after they have sprouted and grown their first set of true leafs. Microgreens contain on average 20 to 40 times more nutrients than their full grown versions.

Being a local farm, we can get our fresh nutrient rich microgreens to you within 24 hours of harvest.

We work with chefs, business owners and like minded healthy individuals that look for the freshest and healthiest options in life.

Our promise to you at Little Green Acres, is to provide you and your families with the highest quality microgreens that are grown in a healthy sustainable manor.

Dina & Marcin Zalewski – Owners